Singapore's First Professional Agency

for Yoga Instructors

The Yoga Agency is the one-stop solution to getting skilled, qualified & dedicated yoga instructors for corporate wellness programs, 1-1 private instruction, and bespoke wellness events.

We are setting the standards of yoga instructors in Singapore, defining what is considered as skilled, qualified & dedicated—a coach may posses 20 certificates & not be able to coach effectively; conversely, an effective coach may not have more than five certifications yet be able to coach well.

The Yoga Agency is also setting the minimum remuneration that a skilled, qualified & dedicated yoga instructor in Singapore should receive for their time & efforts.

As the saying goes, "If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys." When you hire a yoga instructor, it is for 3-hours of their time—travelling to & from your venue + 1-hr of yoga instruction. Our teacher's fees reflect their efforts & commitment in delivering the best of their teaching abilities.