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7 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know

"You're a yoga teacher. So you have all the answers about yoga, right?"

There is a general idea that those who work in the fitness & body movement industries have all the answers for training, strength, flexibility, and more.

However, most of us teach from what we know. We certainly aren't the Wikipedia or Bible on fitness. But we have our personal stories for how we got into what we do. Most times it is either due to looking for a way to recover from an injury or simply to get fit.

Becoming coaches or instructors was a way to share our passion for the movement that has transformed our lives.

Along the way, many coaches and yoga instructors have discovered many things. Here are

7 Things that Your Yoga Instructor Would Like You to Know

1. Don't Waste Money on Expensive Yoga Gear

Practicing on a S$250 mat or wearing a pair of S$150 yoga tights is not going to improve your practice. 

As long as you’re not practicing on your mat to practice, nothing changes in your mind or body.

2. Teachers are Also Students

Yoga instructors are also yogis; that is how we started on our journey! This means that we continue to practice on our mat, as much as you do.

So if you bump into us at other teacher's classes in Singapore, come say hello and share your practice with us.

3. Not All of us can do the Wheel, Handstand or Headstand

Just as yoga teachers specialise in different types of yoga and we're all differently physically, our strengths also differ.

Some yoga instructors are more flexible, so backbends like the Wheel comes easily for them. Some have a strong core, which enables them to easily invert into a handstand or headstand.

Think of it this way: Your friend is skilled at numbers but numbers makes your head spin. Or you excel at organising things but your collegaue prefers execution.

Everyone has different skills and specialisations. And yoga teachers in Singapore are no different from everyone else.

4. It's Ok to Belch, Moan, Pass Wind in Class

Yes, yoga teachers have experienced this in class anywhere in Singapore. In fact, we're quite happy to hear/ smell / see our students doing so.


Belching & passing wind indicates that the digestive system is stimulated. Moaning implies that you’re getting some good feels from the poses that you're holding.

So, it’s all good!

5. We Teach What We Know

This relates back to different teachers with different styles. As yogis, each yoga teacher has an interest in working on certain poses for themselves.

And the more we practice these, the better we become at understanding how the pose benefits the body. Which means that we become better equipped to teach our understanding of these asanas to practitioners.

6. Your Yoga Journey is Yours Alone

Yoga teachers are mainly guides. We provide a map and directional signs for yoga by demonstrating the poses and breathing.

But it is up to you how you travel on the journey, and whether you continue the journey with your own self practice outside of class.

7. Techers See You

Most teachers don't say it, but regardless of where you position yourself during class, they see you.

Unable to lay still in savasana. Scolding yourself for being unable to hold chaturanga dandassana. Cursing through adho mukha svanasana.

Yes, the teacher sees everything in just one glance.

But it is okay. Because yoga instructors know that each person has their own internal dialogue, all the time.

However, all yoga teachers want to say this:-

Let go of your internal dialogue and self-judgement when you're on the mat, and just be where you are for the moment.

Release all expectations & thoughts, and just move..

8. You Make Yoga Teachers Love What They Do [bonus]

The biggest reward for any yoga teacher is when the student turns up on the mat.

They understand that work schedules or family commitments in Singapore can prevent anyone from turning up. So seeing you on the mat makes the yoga instructor love what they do.

Additionally, knowing that you have found some peace of mind in that one-hour of class is the biggest reward for the yoga teacher.


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