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5 Ways to Develop a Yoga Practice (Even at Home)

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One of my favourite things about yoga is that it is a personal practice—as long as there is space to lay out a yoga mat and comfortable clothes to move in, you'll be able to #stopdropyoga.

In fact, the global yoga movement that began in India is about enabling people to eventually practice yoga in the comfort of their home.

However, most people find it difficult to actually develop a practice outside of the yoga studio. Some reasons that students I've encountered at the studio that I teach include lack of motivation, family commitments, and even lack of space at home.

For someone who has had to deal with (then) young kids crawling under me while I did yoga, on top of a tight schedule, here are 5 tips that helped me maintain a regular home yoga practice.

1. Set Time to Yoga

This is my TOP TIP for yoga, and for getting ANYTHING done. You set time for meals, waking up for work, for picking your children up from school, for dates. So set time for your yoga practice.

2. Set Aside a Space for Practice

Designating a space for your practice works in 2 ways: One, you keep that space solely for yoga. Two, your brain knows that it is your safe space.

If you need to, set it up so that it is conducive to your practice. Diffuse essential oils. Put up some motivational quotes. Place your props nearby. Have a place where you can set up your phone for yoga music.

It's your space, so set it up in a way that motivates you to want to come to this spot, every day.

3. Lay Out Your Mat

One of the 'cheats' I have is to keep my mat open. There's no excuse then! I also like to place my yoga outfit on the mat. So I can easily change and hit the mat within 5-minutes.

4. Get Pretty Yoga Outfits

Let's be honest—pretty yoga outfits are a good motivation. They may not add much value to our yoga practice. But it does motivate us to get on the mat if we are wearing pretty outfits.

5. Keep Track of Your Practice - Take Photos & Videos

I find that taking videos of myself practicing is a good method for gauging my own progress. Even a simple pose such as Downward Facing Dog (read how to do this pose here) can be change through the months.

Do you have your own tips for developing a yoga practice? Share it with us!


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